Research has shown the physical and emotional benefits of pet ownership, including reduced blood pressure and lowered stress levels. For older adults, especially if a spouse has passed away and children live far away, it gives them another living creature in the house always happy to see them, a special bond, and responsibility which gives them meaning and purpose in life.

What Is It?


The Older Adult Pet Adoption Program was created for those older adults wishing to experience the joy of pet companionship but, may be worried about what might happen if they encounter poor or declining health.

In the OAPA! program, when the older adult adopts the companion animal, he or she may designate someone to take the pet if he/she is unable to care for it.


Also a community volunteer will go into the older adult’s home on an as needed basis to ensure a smooth transition with your new pet.


An animal behavioral training consultant from the Caring Hands Humane Society will be available to help when needed.


If the older adult becomes unable to take care of the animal, either temporarily or permanently, the animal would be assured placement in a loving home by the community volunteer and the Caring Hands Humane Society.


How Do I Participate?


All adult residents of Harvey, Butler, Sedgwick and McPherson Counties over the age of 55yrs is eligible for the program Contact Caring Hands Humane Society.


Are There Any Costs?


Participants in the program agree to complete Life Satisfaction Surveys periodically and to adopt a pet from the Caring Hands Humane Society at no charge.



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Caring Hands Humane Society is deeply grateful to our sponsors. Each year we are able to help more and more animals, as well as the people who love them. We could not do this without our sponsors.

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