The Caring Hands Humane Society believes that all animals deserve to be treated with dignity and respect during all stages of life. We strive to provide the best possible care to the animals entrusted to us and to educate others about the benefits of strengthening the bond between humans and companion animals.


Our companions create lasting bonds with us in many ways. These bonds are not forgotten if our beloved pet passes away. For seven years the Caring Hands Humane Society has honored this bond by providing private cremation services to the community. Cremation provides a safe, humane and dignified option for our beloved companions.



Your companions deserve the best; at the end of life the best way to demonstrate your love and devotion is through a cremation service. For decades the Caring Hands Humane Society has worked to strengthen the bond between humans and their companion animals. For the last seven years we have fine tuned and developed an outstanding method to care for your companion at the end of life.


We are skilled and dedicated to cherishing the dignity of your animal at all times. Private cremations are performed on one animal at a time. This ensures that the utmost respect is given to your loved one.


Using our cremation services will provide resources to care for the homeless animals at the Caring Hands Humane Society.




The Caring Hands Humane Society offers communal and private cremation services. We have fine tuned our method for guaranteeing companion animals will be treated with dignity and respect while in our care. We perform a private cremation one animal at a time; each is clearly identified and tracked while with us. This guarantees the remains returned are in fact those of the animal entrusted to us. We also go one step further and process the remains to a fine ash, for easier sprinkling in a cherished location.


For those who decide against a private service, communal services are also a much needed function. They are much better for the environment. Burying a pet whole or placing them in a landfill increases the risk for the spread of disease into the earth or through scavenging wildlife. Public health and safety is protected. Using our services provides dignity for your pet and care for the homeless animals.




By using the Caring Hands Humane Society's Forever Loved Memorials you can celebrate the life of your loved one by saving the life of a shelter animal.


A No-Kill community is one where the bond between humans and companion animals is so strong that the only animals dying are dogs and cats who are irremediably suffering, are sick or injured with a poor or grave prognosis for rehabilitation, and vicious dogs with a poor prognosis.

The resources provided through the Forever Loved Memorials will fund medical care, public education, adoption promotion, housing, daily care and rehabilitation of homeless animals from the Caring Hands Humane Society.


Your pet's life will save another!




Please consider: What will you do if your pet passes? Do you know how you want to take care of the remains? Is your pet in failing health? What will you do to ease their suffering? How do you want to memorialize your loved one?


We realize these are hard questions. We are here to help.


When we think about losing someone we love, whether human or a pet, at the first thought, the idea is immediately shut down and we force ourselves to think about something else. Often when a loved one passes, emotional decisions are made that are not always thought out well.


Death is a reality to all living things. There is true peace associated with the understanding of it, preparing for it and then living our lives to their fullest every day. Let us set your mind at ease about your beloved pet.




Choose from the traditional style or an ornately carved wooden urn. Traditional copper urns do not have the option to be sealed, but you can choose to have us seal the wooden urn for you. You may want to leave your companion's remains accessible in order to sprinkle in a cherished spot.



Copper Urn


Carved Urn



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Caring Hands Humane Society is deeply grateful to our sponsors. Each year we are able to help more and more animals, as well as the people who love them. We could not do this without our sponsors.

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