Centennial Dog Park

You’ve helped to make it happen!

Caring Hands Humane Society partnered with our friends at Blue Skies Pet Care to gather and organize support for the construction of a dog park in the City of Newton. With all of the community support, we have seen the Centennial Dog Park become an established resource for people and their pets. With your continued contributions, the Centennial Dog Park can continue to be available for the community.



We believe:



Well socialized and exercised dogs make healthier and happier family members and canine citizens.


Our community needs to have a central location where dogs can exercise safely and legally off-leash while respecting the general community.


We need a place where citizens can socialize with fellow dog lovers as well as where disabled and senior citizens can have a place to exercise their companions.


A dog park is an amenity that will draw in new faces to our community and help our city grow in numbers while maintaining a social perspective on community.




How You Can Help


Even though the Dog Park has been built and established, the upkeep and continued progress of the park requires financial support. With your contributions, we can keep the dog park in our community.

Donate Today!

You can always help by donating! Every dollar helps maintain the dog park and keep it available in our community!


Click the Donate button to help keep the Dog Park in town, where dogs and people can go to relax and play!



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Caring Hands Humane Society is deeply grateful to our sponsors. Each year we are able to help more and more animals, as well as the people who love them. We could not do this without our sponsors.

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