Shine your bike, tune up the hot rod, and work on your poker face it is time to Ride for the Dogs! September 20th, 2014 marks the Fourth Annual Ride for the Dogs Poker Run. This event is open to all forms of motorized vehicles. It is a great time that benefits the homeless animals in our shelter.

This year’s event will feature:


the Poker Run,

a Raffle,

and Lunch available.

The Poker Run, if you are unfamiliar, is a game that where players go from location to location trying to gather the best hand of poker. They collect their cards by throwing a dart at a board filled with playing cards. The best three hands win and we will have a prize for the worst hand as well.

Pre-Register for $20
& get a T-Shirt

Pre-Register by August 31st and recieve the following:

One T-Shirt

One Hand of Poker

One Meal TIcket

3 Raffle* Tickets

Day of the event: Registration $5**, One hand $5, One meal ticket $5, 3 Raffle* Tickets

*No purchase necessary.
**Must register to play poker run or participate, all registered can win door prizes.
Poker Run Rules: Each rider throws one dart for every hand at each location. Players must select the hand for which they are throwing the dart for prior to throwing. The card the dart lands on is then marked on the hand (card) of the player. At the final stop the hands will be tallied and the BEST three hands will win a prize as well as the WORST hand.

Prefer to Register by Mail?

If you would prefer to register by mail, click here to download a pdf the poker run brochure. Complete and detach the registration form, then mail to the address on the right.

Please make checks payable to:

Caring Hands Humane Society.

Poker Run Mailing Address:

ATTN: Poker Run
Caring Hands Humane Society
1400 S.E. 3rd
Newton, KS 67114

Why your help matters:

This event is important to the Caring Hands Humane Society for fundraising as well as increasing awareness about the homeless animals in our area. If you have pets, you know how expensive veterinary care can be. Now imagine that bill for over 2,000 animals! That is how many homeless dogs, cats, and other companion animals come through our doors every year. As you can imagine, it takes a significant amount of funds and resources to provide quality medical care for each homeless animal.

Our journey toward a NO-Kill community depends on donors, adopters, volunteers and advocates. A NO-Kill community is one where the bond between humans and companion animals is so strong that the only animals dying are dogs and cats that are irremediably suffering, are sick or injured with a poor or grave prognosis for rehabilitation, and vicious dogs with a poor prognosis. The resources you provided will fund medical care, public education, adoption promotion, housing, daily care and rehabilitation of homeless animals from the Harvey County area.