My wife and I would just like to share the story of our puppy Griffin.  We adopted him in May of 2013 at about 7 weeks old.  He was named Doc at the shelter, but we changed his name to Griffin.  He was from a large litter of 9 boys and he was the smallest of the bunch.  The shelter had the puppies listed as pointer and German short hair mixes, but we are for sure he has some beagle and basset hound in him.  He has the characteristics of them all.


I know it would be a hard task, but we were wondering if there was any way the shelter has heard from any of the adopters of his brothers.  We would like to know if they have the same characteristics or if any of them live in the Wichita and or Goddard area like we currently do.


We love this guy to death and we are glad he is a member of our family.  He is truly awesome!  Thanks!


Jake and Natalie Sims



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