Surrendering owned pets to Caring Hands Humane Society

As of July 1st, Owner Surrenders are only accepted Monday-Saturday between 10am-4pm. We are no longer accepting owner surrenders after 4pm or on Sundays due to needing time for proper closing procedures & proper medical care for intakes throughout the day. This will also allow us to provide better care for the animals before we leave at the end of the day. This change is for their benefit.


At Caring Hands Humane Society, our goal is to always keep the best interests of all animals in mind when making decisions. Events can occur in life which requires us to make difficult decisions about our pets. We aim to hear out your issues fully and help you come to a conclusion of what steps will be the best for your pet, before beginning the process of surrendering an animal to our facility. Often times, there are issues that can be easily fixed. When relinquishing an animal is the best option for your pet, we do have requirements:

  1. You may only surrender your own pet. If you are helping a friend or family member, a notarized letter from the owner stating you are allowed to relinquish the dog for them must be supplied.
  2. Please call Caring Hands Humane Society in advance to discuss surrendering and to notify staff of when you will be bringing the animal.
  3. You must be a resident of Harvey County and have proof of your current address. A current Driver’s License or photo ID is required to surrender an animal. If it does not list your current address, you will need to also bring a recent utility bill with your name on it.
    1. We do accept animals, but are not contractually obligated, from Marion County, or the cities of Halstead, Sedgwick, Hesston, or Walton when space allows.
    2. We are contractually obligated to accept animals from Newton, North Newton, Burrton, and residents outside city limits in Harvey County.
  4. You will need to fill out a profile for your pet. The profile is a few pages long and will help us learn more about your pet, ultimately helping us find the appropriate home for them.
  5. A medical release form will need to be filled out for CHHS to receive medical history from your veterinarian. You can also bring any medical paperwork you currently have. This is important so that we do not vaccinate an animal that is already current.


Stray animals:


We accept stray animals from Harvey County. We accept animals from Marion County as well if space permits.


 If you have found a stray animal, but do not wish to turn it in, we do have micro chip readers available to scan the animals. We will also take a found animal report to help connect you with an owner in the event that they call looking for their lost animal.


Please bring a photo ID with you if you are relinquishing a stray animal.





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Caring Hands Humane Society is deeply grateful to our sponsors. Each year we are able to help more and more animals, as well as the people who love them. We could not do this without our sponsors.

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We welcome feedback from the community we serve and from fellow animal lovers.


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